The Problem

Over the past 20 years, we (as a society) have moved towards a more sedentary and technological lifestyle.

The reality is many of us spend the majority of our day sitting, usually while working on computers.

Unfortunately, over ten thousand studies link sitting and poor posture to not only back or neck pain but a range of other diseases.

These include many serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

My Experience

Having worked in the field of spinal healthcare for 20 years, I have seen the physical impact of this first hand.

I always say dentists have it easy because they can see your teeth.

Dentists can see a cavity developing and prevent them before you feel pain.

Sadly, unlike teeth, we can’t see issues in someone’s spine until it’s usually too late.

If you experience back pain, like tooth pain from a cavity, the problem has been developing for a long time.

What Can We Do?

Ten years ago, the biggest question I would get asked while speaking or consulting clients was

‘what I can do to prevent this: exercise, yoga, Pilates, or meditation?’ And ten years ago, I knew couldn’t give the right answer.

I understood that the majority of people had developed harmful posture patterns. For example, let’s say that you sit hunched over a computer all day and ultimately develop a poor posture pattern.

Then you bring that dysfunctional pattern in everything you do, thus reinforcing this damaging movement pattern making them more challenging to break.

The Breakdown

Rather than masking symptoms, I believe in getting to the core of the issue. Through intensely studying the trends, I found what I believe to be the key to reversing this perpetual degenerative process.

I discovered that the problem with the modern lifestyle is frequently a movement pattern breakdown which ultimately imbalances and disengages the core muscles.

Modern conveniences, technology, seats, cars etc. have all permitted us to adapt insidiously to our sedentary lifestyle. And seriously, none of this is going away. If anything, it is going to get worse.  

The Solution

I don’t believe education works for this matter because most people are too preoccupied with work, family, chronic pain, etc. That’s where I can help and take some of the heavy lifting away for you.


I’ve created a way of thinking and acting that will seamlessly integrate into anyone’s lifestyle to re-adapt positively and correct their movement patterns.


The goal is to adapt better; make simple changes in how we sit, stand and sleep, which will ultimately create a significant positive impact on your health.


Why Choose Lawrence

With 30 Years of Spinal Practice, he is now helping those who want to feel, move, and look young again.

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