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CNAME or Canonical Name record is one of the types of DNS records. It is used to create an alias name for an existing Host A record or another CNAME record. Alias name usually required to hide the original hostname, or if the host itself runs multiple services then one alias name can be assigned for each service. It’s very easy to Add CNAME Record in Windows DNS Server. Also, you can add as many CNAME records as you want, all pointing to the same hostname. Adding multiple virtual hosts to XAMPP for Windows 10 is a four-step process.

If a request comes to Apache for, the /users/me/sites/whatever directory is that site’s root directory so far as Apache is concerned. The only way that virtual hosting can work is if the virtual hosts have different names. Firefox disables this major feature of IIS, Apache, and any other web server that might exist.

Windows File Explorer Ribbons Explained

Include server media to your PlayStation 3 over your network. I have run a few Windows Defender scans, it does not appear to try and change the Hosts file. I have Avira installed with Hosts file protection enabled. How to add or remove Write Protection from a USB flash drive on Windows 11. Change the dns to point to opendns in the below screenshot. I assume you are using a static IP if that is the case?

  • The whitelist is not tracked by git, so any changes you make won’t be overridden when you git pull this repo from origin in the future.
  • By opening Notepad in administrator mode, you can easily save files without additional permissions.
  • The DNS server will then query other servers on the Internet that know the correct information for that domain name, and then return to the device the IP address.

The Explore tab allows the user to search through content on the computer like files and folders. Simply right-click on any option that you want to add and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar. Some handy shortcuts can be pane view, share options, or even picture tools like rotate left and right options. The Quick Access Toolbar is hidden by default but you can make it visible easily. Just right-click on any item in the ribbon style menu and select Show Quick Access Toolbar option.

It’s best to navigate to the end of the file and add your new entries beneath the existing entries. Lines preceded by # are commented out and have no effect. Our primary goal is to build a service friendly ecosystem in web hosting industry. module – Manages hosts file entries on Windows.

Having a large host file can slow a PC down to a crawl. I have Firefox (w/ Adblock Plus of course!) and it works like a charm. You might get the noscript extension too so you can visit sites that block Firefox (they don’t like the ads bypassed!). It may take a few minutes for the changes to become active. You may also have to close all internet browser windows. Here are some of the default locations for the Windows HOSTS file from Wikipedia.

The reason you get IPv6 is because MS implemented default address selection via RFC 3484. I’ve been baffled by this problem for years. I added \USERS with Read and Read & execute permissions and after ipconfig /flushdns it worked. I am very pleased to finally have my hosts file back.

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